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Estimating Your Project

An estimate for a vehicle graphics project is sometimes only a guess based on a limited understanding of the vehicle's surface. Corrosion, dents, and paint condition can all have an impact on the project's cost. If these concerns are not detected in advance, they might result in unanticipated costs or delays in completion. Depending on the severity of the rust, more prep work or even total panel replacement may be required. Before applying graphics, dents may need to be filled and sanded. If the paint needs to be removed and repainted before any graphics are added, the cost will be affected. All of these aspects should be considered when estimating a vehicle graphics project so that both sides can agree on an appropriate estimate.

We constantly attempt, however, to offer an accurate estimate based on best-case situations. We take into account any potential concerns and include them into our estimations. We also employ high-quality materials and expert installation processes to guarantee that your car graphics job is done to your satisfaction.